Improving the efficiency of salespeople.

Let's look at how you can increase efficiency in convenient and simple ways


We are in the XXI century, and new technologies and methods of personnel performance appraisal and service quality control are constantly coming to us. Some techniques we have known for a long time, and some are just beginning to enter our lives. Many people have already heard about checking calls, but only some have tried. However, this method is available because call tracking metrics reviews suggest that you can pick up the software for any budget. And even monday crm reviews, says that it has a very positive impact on business.

The methodology of the mystery shopper.

To date, the most common use of such a technique is by employers for store employees, beauty salons, and banks.

Using the service "Mystery Shopping" in assessing staff work significantly increases sales and, as a consequence - profit.

Firstly, the employer learns how sales assistants work, whether they are polite, competent, and attentive.

Secondly, by checking the personnel, the employer motivates his employees. After the check, it is immediately obvious who is working and giving "to the best of their ability" and who is "lazy" and working only "for a tick."

Thus the employer either rewards with bonuses and bonuses or imposes deserved penalties. And suppose the employer declares to his subordinates that they are periodically visited by "mystery shoppers," then, of course. In that case, each of the employees will work at full 100%, devoting himself to work, seeing in each visitor seeing above mentioned auditor and thus not violating all the items prescribed in the standards of personnel service.

Thirdly, by resorting to the method of "Mystery Shopping," your company can develop by identifying "weaknesses" of the firm and, further, focusing on these weak points.

The main errors.

Of course, it happens so that after inspections, "mystery shopper" employer takes extreme measures to omissions of their subordinates, firing them. Such employees can be advised only one thing: to work qualitatively and adhere to all the rules of service standards prescribed by the employer. If they do not comply with them, you can remain unemployed and in another place.