Which casinos have the best chances of winning?

But, each game has a different probability of winning a bet, so which casino game has the highest probability of winning?


Which casinos in Kenya have the best chances of winning?
This question is difficult to answer because it depends on many parameters, mainly how much you want to win in relation to your initial cash deposit, as well as how much you are willing to risk. It should be noted that it would be more appropriate to phrase the question as follows: "Which games have the lowest chances of losing?", because in the end, no matter what, the player will lose, since none of the games compensates more than 100% of the invested money. Each game has its own value of the house edge, the so-called house edge. The house edge is the weighted average percentage difference between your realistic chance of winning and the amount the casino actually pays you for each dollar you win, meaning that no matter what you win, the casino will always make a profit. 

Assuming you're sitting at a table with a $100 pot, playing for a one-dollar bet per game, and never changing your bet, playing Vegas Strip BlackJack is the perfect choice with the best chance of winning. There are a large number of varieties of Blackjack, but they all have different payouts on winnings, but in Vegas Strip, if you play perfectly, the player has the advantage that the house edge is 0.28%. It is very rare to find a casino with rules that allow consecutive doubling or splitting of bets (the main way for a player to win), so you should expect more often 0.4%, although a house edge of 0.28% is quite realistic.

Video Poker!
The next game from the list of the best is video poker "Jacks or Better" in which the house edge is 0.46%, provided that you follow the ideal strategy. It should be noted here that it is worth taking into account the house edge of 4%, due to the high win rate. Thus, if you hit a Royal Flush for a bet of $1.25, you will receive a fantastic $4000, but this is unlikely to happen within 100 games, and therefore, you should count on a more realistic house edge of 5%.

This game has a very poor house edge of 1.06%, but it is extremely simple because there is no strategy involved. Just choose between the "Player" or "Banker" position and let the cards decide your fate. By the way, Banker is the best of these two options. Due to its simplicity, this game is a favorite in many well-known world casino establishments.

The next good casino game option is a game that doesn't use cards. It is played with dice and is known as craps. Similar to Blackjack, your winnings depend on your moves and the types of bets you place during the game. The best move a player can make is to bet on the Don't Pass/Don't Come position, which on average means that they will lose 1.36%.

Pai Gow.
It's worth noting that this game can be won with a house edge of 1.5%, and this game can be found in several online casinos, but not so much in real establishments. That's because players don't like it because of its relative complexity, and casinos don't like it because of the large number of cards involved and the slow turnover of the game (which leads to lower profits).

It is probably the most popular and undoubtedly the most famous game in casinos today, but it is still surprising that it has a rather high house edge of 2.7% in the case of the European single zero wheel type, and 5.4% if it is an American double zero wheel! Roulette is so popular because it's fast and simple, and also because you can easily get many multiples of your initial bet (unlike blackjack). For example, with wins with a multiplier of 2 times your initial bet, and 36 on a guessed number, it creates the illusion of easy wins with simple skill. It's so easy to see red and black, and "repeating sequences" in numbers. Unfortunately, this is a misconception; anyone with a PhD in mathematics or a doctorate in cryptography from Cambridge University has the same chance of making a profit as a monkey who randomly throws his chips on the table. Sit down at the table and after 100 spins and 100 bets in a row and a chance to win, each of you will have an average of 97 chips left.