Free video players for macOS.

Let's look at the most popular options


They support a variety of file formats, have a simple interface, and have many settings.


Elmedia Player

A handy video player with a nice interface and extensive features. In addition to omnivorousness in terms of supported formats, it is here that you can open different forms. Even if you have a question about how to open mxf files on mac, Elmedia Player will solve this issue easily. This media player can surprise you with customizable playback speeds up to frame-by-frame, bookmarks for key moments, streaming via AirPlay and DLNA, and many options for subtitles and audio tracks.

In addition to the regular, free program version, there's also a Pro version with advanced features like online video downloads, screenshots, and manual EQ settings.


A modern video player for Mac with a rich feature set and elegant design. When you look at IINA, it seems like Apple created it. The player actively develops and supports proprietary technologies such as Force Touch, touch bar, and picture-in-picture. It features easy gesture control, the ability to play streaming videos, automatic subtitle loading, and support for plugins.


One of the most popular open-source players with a huge community. VLC supports hardware decoding and can play videos in any format and from any media, including network streams. An incredible number of settings are available, as well as plugins that expand the possibilities even further.

QuickTime Player

A built-in video player in macOS that's minimalist. QuickTime doesn't boast a lot of settings or support for specific formats, but it easily plays the most popular ones. However, the player's arsenal has a couple of tricks. For example, quick video trimming without re-encoding or screen capturing, including from iOS devices connected via cable.


Not a player but a full-featured media server for organizing digital content and broadcasting it to any device. Nevertheless, it can easily cope with the playback of any video file. After a simple setup, Plex will automatically track and add videos from a specified folder to your media library. You'll be able to watch content directly in your browser and have the ability to switch audio tracks and subtitles. As a bonus, you can do the same from your mobile devices over the network.