How to choose solar panels

A solar power plant can be installed on a roof or an open piece of land. It is important to understand that for the high productivity of your solar power plant, you need open space and free flow of sunlight. It turns out that the panels should not be covered by trees, bushes or other objec


How to choose solar panels
Before choosing solar panels, read more about solar panels home insurance. Four factors to consider when choosing solar panels.

Guarantee. You should not consider panels from manufacturers that give a guarantee of only a couple of years or do not give it at all. The warranty will be required at the time a warranty failure occurs. For example, SUNSAY Energy promptly and independently resolves the issue directly with the supplier.

efficiency. This value indicates how much solar energy that hits the panels will be converted into electrical current inside the module. The difference in efficiency between polycrystalline and single-crystal models is small. If the space for installing a solar power plant is limited, it is worth paying attention to the fact that with the help of panels with high efficiency, you can reduce the area that is needed for installation.

Permissible error of rated power. Pay attention to this parameter, since it determines how much the real power may differ from the power indicated in the documents. Again, Tier 1 category panels show minimal error from data sheet data.

temperature coefficient. This indicator indicates how the generated power can decrease when the temperature rises by one degree. Good quality panels have a temperature coefficient of -0.4% per 1°C.

SES: installation process with SUNSAY Energy
You have decided on the concept of the station together with the manager of SUNSAY Energy, discussed all the possible nuances and agreed on a free roof measurement. Our cooperation will take place in three stages:

Stage one. SUNSAY Energy specialists analyze the design features of your home, take measurements using a drone and design a 3D model. After, we offer several options with different equipment.

Stage two. We prepare a package with documentation for you and accompany the process of connecting a solar power plant with an electricity supplier. Also, at this time, our specialists mount and connect the equipment.

Stage three. We connect SES to a common network and conduct testing. If you install solar panels under the "green" tariff, SUNSAY Energy accompanies the process of concluding an agreement on the sale of electricity to the public grid.

After installing the solar power plant and connecting the "green" tariff, SUNSAY Energy constantly monitors the operation of your power plant and promptly eliminates problems if they arise. Choose the best solar companies and you won't regret it