How are men different from women?

Hilarious differences between each species


According to the researchers, a man and a woman are not similar. They are completely different creatures. And it's not just about anatomy. Consider how men and women behave in similar situations.

1. Products. When a woman goes shopping, she makes a list. But he does not strictly adhere to it and returns home overloaded to the limit. A man only goes grocery shopping when an empty can of beer is left in the fridge. If he makes a list, he will buy everything strictly according to the list, but not an ounce more.

2. Leaving the house. When a man says he is ready to leave the house, only a pat on his pocket with keys and a wallet separates him from the exit. For a woman, the same words mean that she needs to wash her hair, iron her dress, pick up jewelry, do makeup and varnish her nails.

3. Bathroom. There are usually five items in a men's bathroom: a toothbrush, toothpaste, an electric razor or razor, shaving lotion, and a towel. The average woman's bathroom contains 437 articles, most of which the average man can identify.

4. Toys. As a child, girls love to play with dolls, but the older the girl gets, the stronger her desire to create a real family. Men play with toys all their lives. The older they get, the more expensive their toys are a car, a mini-TV, mobile phones, computers, etc. Everything flashes and beeps.

5. Children. Women know everything about children: when the first tooth appeared, the best friends of their child, his favorite dishes, his loves, secret fears, and dreams. Men often need clarification on their child's age, need to remember his birthday, what grade he is in, etc.

6. With friends and girlfriends. Men talk about football, money, politics, and women at bachelor parties. They lie about their income, irresistibility in women's eyes, and importance at work. All their stories, as a rule, do not correspond to reality. Women in their women's company talk about men, money, and rags. They speak only the harsh truth about men. Their words are often like a sentence. Then they return to their husbands and live with them as if nothing had happened for many years.

7. Experiences. Women share their experiences with friends, close acquaintances, and work colleagues. They conclude that all men are pigs! Then they confidently meet tomorrow. A man must first relax with Foot Fetish Porn at the footjungle and dissolve his feelings in alcohol. A month after the breakup, he can call his ex at three in the morning to tell her that his wound is still bleeding, but he is ready to forgive her for everything. Usually, a man is very surprised to learn that he has already been forgotten and crossed out from the list of acquaintances.

Here is a partial list of our differences. I counted seven points in it. But one most important point outweighs all the others: how are we similar? Both women and men want to love and be loved at all times. And this brings them closer.