Single out the proud prince.

Seeing him staring at her face all the time, Yu Qiangle couldn't help feeling flustered. She didn't make a mistake.


Seeing him staring at her face all the time, Yu Qiangle couldn't help feeling flustered. She didn't make a mistake. She drew very well. She couldn't help shouting, "What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a beautiful woman?" Hands involuntarily stroked the face, makeup did not fall off, the freckles on the face are still there, can not help but feel relieved. Then why is he looking at her so seriously? Could it be that her face is blurred? By her such a reprimand, Jiang Geyang face some hang, tone is not very good? "Come on, if you were a beauty, there would be no ugly women in the world." Although he felt that the more she looked at it, the more she tasted it, but he didn't want to be so narcissistic. You're right, just like you. If you were handsome, there would be no ugly men in the world. Dare to say that she is ugly, he is really impatient to live, although she deliberately painted herself ugly, but it is not as ugly as he said. Hum, good men don't fight with women! Jiang Geyang is very unwilling to accept fate, in terms of eloquence, he is really not as good as her, it is better to say less. At this time, it happened that the broadcast was informing the official start of the 5000-meter race and asked the athletes to prepare,Self-closing Shower Valve, so he broke through and left, but it was really harmful to his face as a big man to walk like this. Next time you remember! Yu Qiangle did not speak, but made a face at his back. Not at all, under the big tree not far away, stood a tall and thin boy, staring at Yu Shile with a pair of jealous and complicated eyes. I don't know whether Yu Qiangle's goading played a role or Jiang Geyang really had that strength. In short, Jiang Geyang won the championship by 12 seconds more than the second place in the 5000-meter race. This surprised all the people who were not optimistic about him, and then they all regretted it. Their bets, their meal money? All the people who took part in the betting,stainless steel toilet, except Jiang Geyang's personal guard who bet that he would win, lost miserably. However, it doesn't matter, even if Jiang Geyang lost, but there is still Lin Sitong, I heard that she really broke up with Atomic Qing, last time it was said to be distant words, so this time it must be true, because they saw Atomic Qing and other girls in the relationship. To earn a lot of money from Jiang Geyang, Yu was happy and happy, but when she heard the news that Lin Sitong and Atomic Qing had broken up, she couldn't laugh any more. Was her intuition out of order? No, until now, she still thinks it's impossible for them to break up. Why? But anyway, she's really going to lose this time. Oh, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, her money. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bet so much. Now can be good, not only accompany Laoben, but also pay the money she earned this month, really miserable ah. She's been through enough. Please don't pick on her again, okay? Yu Qiangle was very angry and stared at a few alternative girls in front of him. It was not too much to say that they were alternative. They were dressed up like ghosts and ghosts. They thought they were beautiful. They were still twisting their waists in the temple. It was disgusting to see them. Yu Shile, I hear you like to bet with people? Asked a girl who appeared to be the leader of the group, raising her chin. Good. You want to bet, too? Yu Shale asked innocently. Several girls looked at each other, and then they all laughed maliciously and said, "Yes, we all want to bet on whether you will walk back today." They came to find fault, and Yu found that her blood was flowing very fast. OK! Let's bet. How much is the bet? This is the rule of the casino, pay first and then bet. A few girls are stupefied, this Yu Shallow music is really gambling on the hidden, or do not understand the world, they are looking for her trouble also. Looking at them hesitating, Yu Qiangle said impatiently, "Why, don't you want to gamble? Why don't you gamble now?" Led by a girl this is a bit angry, gritted his teeth: "Well, bet on the bet, I pay 100 yuan!" " "Very well, and you?" Yu Qiangle held out his hand to signal them to take out the gambling money. Several girls had no choice but to take money out of their bodies. It's only fifty yuan on him, just fifty. "I only have twenty, just twenty." "Mine, too." Yu Qianle counted the money in his hand, a total of three hundred and forty yuan, and these women who overreach themselves can get a few hundred yuan in a fight, which is also quite cost-effective. OK! Let's make a bet. I'll walk back on my legs today. What are you betting on? "We'll bet you must be carried back today!" Several girls said in unison. They were asked to keep her in bed for a month. Okay, let's start now. Yu Qiangle said, while they were not paying attention, they ran at the speed of 100 meters. A few schoolgirls are not by one Leng, a long time just returns to absolute being, in the mouth cries greatly: "Do not run, those who run is a villain." And then I followed him. Yu Qianle ran to a deserted park. Last time, Feng Yuncheng and Atomic Qing also had a fight here. This is really a good place to fight. Stop and wait for them to come. Several girls ran out of breath and finally arrived. Seeing Yu Qiangle waiting for them, they were stunned again, but they thought happily that it was really a good landlord to fight here. There was no need to worry about anyone seeing it. But before they could square off, a flying leg swept them down. "Ah-" came and cried, and another fast and hard punch made them dizzy. Yu Qiangle showed no mercy. He threw one of the girls on the ground and couldn't get up for a long time. Then he kicked one of the girls in the waist. Then he swept three legs. Finally, he jumped and pressed the other two girls under his buttocks. Well, it was not bad. It was quite comfortable to sit. Yu Qianle clapped his hands, regardless of the cries under his body, lying on them, watching the other four girls stand up happily, all covering the pain and crying out, not sneering out loud. So, are you being carried back, or am I being carried back? Humph! A bunch of idiots who overreach themselves. A few girls do not believe that with the strength of a few of them will be defeated in the hands of an unremarkable ugly girl,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, all thought, must be just not ready to be snatched by her first chance. This time, I will never make such a low-level mistake again.