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Chu Tianming did not know, his smile, so that the angry ape king had a misunderstanding, if he knew, he certainly would not show any expression, but misunderstanding this kind of thing, even if you how to avoid.


Chu Tianming did not know, his smile, so that the angry ape king had a misunderstanding, if he knew, he certainly would not show any expression, but misunderstanding this kind of thing, even if you how to avoid. Is also unavoidable, if the angry ape king wants, even if Chu Tianming's face is expressionless, he can also imagine that Chu Tianming's heart is secretly pleased. Therefore, jealousy is not a woman's patent, in fact, men also love to be jealous, and eat up is particularly ruthless. The Angry Ape King seemed to vent his anger on the Zerg, and the poor Zerg didn't know it at all. He became a substitute for the angry ape king to vent his anger. In the eyes of the angry ape king, the insects in front of him seemed to have turned into the appearance of Chu Tianming, he roared, one stick at a time, directly smashed a large piece of'Chu Tianming 'into pieces, which revealed a ferocious smile. And this scene. It also happened to be seen by the idle and bored Chu Tianming. The angry ape king actually killed until he laughed. He was really a violent person! Chu Tianming thought to himself. As time passed, the battle lines moved further and further into the Zerg lair. A large number of Zerg corpses were left behind on the battlefield, according to estimates. The battle, which lasted just over an hour, had already cost the Zerg tens of thousands of megabytes of bugs. However,metal stamping parts, the population of the Zerg race is obviously far more than this number, so tens of thousands of megabytes of insects can not annihilate their belief in defending the race. Deep in the Zerg lair, over a sea of blood bubbling with blood. Inside the vast trillion-kilometer Zerg Brood. In a hall of flesh and blood, a mother emperor with a body of millions of kilometers was lying in the hall. She had a human upper body, but her lower body was a ferocious insect body. Sixteen sharp claws covered with barbs were bent, and blood flowed on them. Human upper body, red.. Naked . Here Her blood-red hair hung down, covering the two bright red spots on her chest. On her beautiful face,Investment casting parts, her eyelids trembled slightly, and then her eyelids gently opened, revealing blue eyes full of dreamy light. From the top, the mother of the Zerg is simply a peerless beauty in the human race, but once you see her lower body, countless men who are crazy about her upper body will be scared to wither down. At this time, the mother emperor, who ruled the whole Zerg clan, was staring ahead with blurred eyes. In front of her, there was a black bead that kept spinning. Whoa! A translucent light curtain suddenly spread out from the inside of the bead, and in the light curtain, a huge figure appeared, covered with a steel-like metal shell, a pair of blood-red eyes, staring ahead, people can not help but feel palpitations. Tall body, sitting on the same huge throne, DIN screw plug ,non standard fasteners, behind it, is a dark existence like a black hole. When the human appeared, he immediately opened his mouth and said, "Worm King, how are things going?" The Worm Emperor looked at the human beings in the light curtain, winking like silk, and bending his fingers gently. "The great mechanical father God, please rest assured that the foolish Northern Alliance has entered the trap, but it seems that only three of the masters in your mouth have been sent by them, and none of the rest have appeared." "Only three!" There was a flash of hostility in the eyes of the father God of the mechanical clan in the light curtain. "Continue to carry out the plan. It's better to let all the twenty temple masters of the Northern Alliance come in. When the time comes, you will close this secret space and trap them here!" The Worm King nodded his head. Rest assured, the great father of the mechanical clan, the slave family will not fail your expectations! "Well, that's good. Don't worry. When the time comes, I will go to the space crevice to save you. I believe your nest will be able to bring all the Zerg elites. When the time comes, I will set aside an area for you Zerg to survive." The father God of the mechanical race opened his mouth and promised his promise. The insect emperor's eyes flashed a trace of joy, then nodded. The light curtain in front of him fell, and the joy in the eyes of the insect emperor gradually dissipated, revealing instead a trace of cold color. Damn mechanical race, want to use our Zerg to fight for you, hum ~! The insect emperor could not help clenching his hands angrily. At that moment, a tiny figure suddenly came in from the side of the hall. Every step he took, his body would become bigger. By the time he reached the insect emperor, his body had become about the same size as the insect emperor. My dear friend, you have finally appeared. The Worm Emperor was not surprised by the man's appearance, but looked at him with a smile, as if he had expected it. The figure was covered with blood, its body seemed to be made up of blood, with a pair of purple and black horns on its head, and a pair of demon wings behind it, emitting endless darkness. Demon, a creature that should not belong to this era. Dear Alina, as your friend, how can I not come to help when you Zerg are in trouble? The devil raised a smile at the corners of his mouth. "It seems that Alina, you still have some connection with the mechanical clan. It seems that Alina, what you want is not small." Insect Emperor, namely Alina, smiled, and then said in a cold voice: "That damn mechanical father God, trying to deceive me, as well as those outside the alien race, have not seen my Zerg born, for the sake of the race, for my people, we can only fight!" Chapter eight hundred and eight arrest! Chapter eight hundred and eight arrest! The demon figure nodded, then waved his hand, and suddenly an image of a man appeared on his palm. This man, you will capture him to me, I will help you continue the Zerg, through this crisis, how? The voice of the demon man spoke with a slightly bewitching tone. The insect emperor's eyes fell on the figure in the devil's hands. A human? Pure human! Said the voice of the Worm Emperor with a slight surprise. The demon figure nodded his head. It's a pure human. Bring him here, give him to me,titanium machining parts, and I'll help you Zerg through this crisis. The insect emperor stared at the figure for a long time and then nodded. This is the image sent by my staff. As soon as the insect emperor waved his hand, a light curtain immediately rose in front of him. In the light curtain, it is the picture of Chu Tianming harvesting the Zerg on the battlefield. You want him? The Worm King looked at the demon.