Hello #ourfreedombook! Users have been in touch asking if there is anyway they can help us build out our platform and support what we're doing. There are two super important items you can do to help!

1) Invite your friends, post content, and share links from our site, so others can see the content you've posted. (i.e. post a link to your group/page on your FB/Insta profile so your friends know to check you out here)
2) Create groups here and invite your followers to join
3) Become a supporter of the site, from just $2/month, you can help keep us online. You've noticed we don't have any ads, don't require any personal information, and we do not sell your data. Our only source of income are our #supporters. We have multiple options available starting at just $2 a month. If half of our users chose the $2/month plan, we could easily cover all our expenses and leave room for future updates!

View available options here:

As always - thank you for your support & let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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